Anja Beran

Anja Beran is a beautiful and talented classical trainer. She has 3 terrific video's out which show her training philosophy with horses working with out stress or restraint. She is the real deal. Check out my Writings page for a review of her most recent clinic in Califonia.

Gizmo Productions LLC

My friends Max, Destin and Kevyn made my site and many other great ones. Check them out.

Great Music!

Glenda Fletcher and John Moulton play the most beautiful music. Celtic and Original Music. Hear them on my new DVD or on their website

Heather Laabs; Equine Nutritionist

Ever wonder what is in your hay? How much protein or how little? What minerals are in your hay and what is missing? How much sugar or carbohydrates does your hay have and how much of this does your horse need? I found these things out recently about my hay and am now on track with a custom mineral supplement made by Heather. I can't recommend Heather enough in all things regarding nutrition... and that includes all those buckets of supplements we all buy. What's in them anyhow?

HyCourt Farm ; Austin, TX

Check out my friends at HyCourt Farm. A beautiful facility with warmblood horses for sale. All of these horses are brought up on pasture and handled by the excellent staff at HyCourt. The young horse training is natural horsemanship based and the classical exercises and jumping are introduced with kind and refined horsemanship.

Out West Saddlery

High quality custom made saddles, blankets, chaps. And a beautiful website for shopping

The Forest Horse

Here's a link to purchase my DVD on line. It's a great resource for other training DVD's as well.

Twin Willows Ranch

Twin Willows is a privately owned beautiful ranch in Ocate, N.M.  I work with their horses as well as give lessons and clinics.  Twin Willows Ranch main focus is on ranch sustainability and how they care for their horses and livestock is part of that same strategy.