Natural, Classical Horsemanship

Lessons and clinics focus on the development of relaxation, side to side balance, engagement and strengthening of the hindquarters and careful study of the  classical gymnastic exercises.

Ginger gives each student a clear path of how to proceed with their horses development as well as helping each rider improve  the riding skills necessary for advanced riding.

Horses are brought along with great care, and with the assurance of self carriage using the correct muscles in each stage of advancement.

Riding lessons and clinics are performed both in and out of the arena, using the natural landscape as a means to gather the true "throughness" every horse feels as they travel over an open landscape.

Academy of Fine Horsemanship

New for Spring 2014

Join Ginger and other well known instructors starting this spring of 2014. The academy will be offering a full curriculm of courses designed to educate and advance fine riding and horsemanship. The Academy of Fine Horsemanship will welcome all horse enthusiasts of all ages and for all riding styles.  Please check back in for more details and information soon.

Cowboy Gathering in Durango

Ginger is doing a demonstration ride for the Durango Cowboy Gathering this October 2nd.  Cowboy or Western Dressage has become a popular focus among western riders. Ginger will demonstrate the classical movements she has learned through her study in French Classical Dressage. And she hopes to listen to some good cowboy music and poetry over the weekend as well. The demonstration will be for the musicians, poets and patrons party the night of October 2nd.