Private coaching is available for the committed student of the horse to come and advance their study either by riding one of their horses or one of mine.  These sessions are for local and out of state students. They are private sessions and occassionally there will be one other rider/guest participating. The horsemanship we cover really depends on each individuals interest and experience level.

Primarily the students that come for coaching want to learn about how to blend their ongoing riding with the principles of good horsemanship and classical dressage. I usually have a few horses that are in different phases of training and serve as good teachers.  Coaching involves more time, and therefore committment from the student.

For example:

Over the past 2 months I am working with a student who is a very good rider and wants to learn more about bringing horses along through the phases of training with more refinement and understanding of the horse. She has committed to come out twice a week, sometime's  three times per week. She is riding 3-4 different horses and we work side by side working horses while she is here.  We work horses both in the arena as well as out on the open land available here in N.M.

Another  student from out of state would visit me for one week at a time, as often as she could. She was also a very good rider and wanted to refine her riding and her horsemanship. During the weeks she came to the ranch we worked a variety of horses almost every day. Depending on our schedules.

These are just a few examples of how I have worked as a coach and mentor with a more committed and more flexible arrangement.

Fee's for these types of arrangements are on an individual basis and need to be discussed.

Please contact me if this type of arrangement may work for you.